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Ms. Hanna Mae P. Bracamonte

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
I experienced to teach in a Public Elementary School where I taught Grades 1 and 6 pupils. I experienced to volunteer as a teacher in a Kindergarten pupils.
I’m holding the Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education at West Visayas State University.
It takes a big heart to shape little minds but being a teacher, you must also have a personal interest and passion for helping young kids, watching them learn and achieve. This is one of the most heart warming benefits of a preschool teacher.


Reading stories, cooking, listening music, gardening and exploring new things


To have an excellent listening skills and to have an ideal learning environment. We teachers ask some important questions to the students and we must actively and carefully listen to what our learners have to say. Great teachers listen hard and use what they hear to improve the communication.

Strive to motivate and engage all students in learning, exploring new good ideas and new things inside or outside of the school. I believe that every student is capable of achieving success and learning good things inside and outside the school premises.

Teacher of Lively Class