How to select a suitable school for your baby?

1.School location near home or workplace of parents

A school near home or workplace is the best and convenient for parents, because a short distance is much safer for babies especially in the bad weather like rain or hot sun.

2. Food at school

Nutrition is the foundation for children’s development. Menu at school must be considered carefully. Children spend most of the day at school, therefore meals here should be nutritious, delicious and good for their development

3.  Tuition fees

Tuition fee is a great point to take into consideration as it is a long run for parents, or otherwise you have to change school for the baby due to financial pressure.

4. The loves for teachers

Pay attentions to how teachers talk and play with children. Let see if the children feel comfortable and laugh when being near teachers, or worried and scared. If kids are not attached to teachers after a long time at school, parents should reconsider. Personnel is the most critical factor in any profession.

 5.  School reputation

School reference should be done to make sure your choice is correct, since school violence is still there somewhere.

6. Surrounding, facility and safety

Children at kindergarten spend a lot of time for playing so playground is the first priority. Furthermore, class room, study materials, restroom facility…are needed to take into account for the safety and hygiene of children.


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